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Magnetic Play Zone -


PUZZLE in the Open Concept System

PUZZLE is a game that involves assembling numerous small pieces into one picture. PUZZLE cosmetics are assembled in horizontal magnetic palettes. PUZZLE Palette comes in six sizes and can include a wide variety of makeup products for skin, eyes, lips as well as full-size and miniature makeup accessories with a special handle for easy application. These wonderful makeup products will release your creative energy to bring the most exciting makeup looks to life.

Start with purchasing a Magnetic Palette to assemble a personalized makeup set from a selection of products according to your own needs and preferences. An “iced” magnetic lid ensures that your set is well protected. When a makeup refill pan is empty simply replace it with a new one that fits the size.

HAMSTER in the Open Concept System

HAMSTER is a small animal that likes to store food. HAMSTER system has magnets that can hold any number of makeup products stacked up together. It assembles makeup products and accessories in two sizes. Bigger pans contain foundation and powder along with accessories to apply them. The remaining cosmetics come in smaller pans.

HAMSTER set can be detached, combined and spread out to make it look like a blooming flower. Customize your own makeup set with different or similar cosmetics of your choice. Products in magnetic refill pans can be easily replaced, while the upper container should be protected with a transparent magnetic lid. A single pan with used product can be detached from the rest and removed, making our stack a bit smaller.